6 ways Google Home helps you get rid of the boredom of household insulation


Smart amplifiers are a great way to perform a lot of tasks and communicate with others via voice commands, which reduces the use of devices during the home isolation imposed by most countries of the world to limit the spread of the Corona virus.

Here are 6 ways Google Home helps you get rid of the boredom of home insulation:

1- Searching the Internet without screens
For older family members who do not prefer to interact with the Internet through a smartphone, tablet or computer, the Google Home and Nest Mini device provides Internet search via voice commands.

All family members can use the Google Home device to hear the latest news, get weather updates, search the web for anything and even shop online.

2- Communicate with family and friends
Google Home also works as a phone speaker so that you can chat with family and friends, letting you make voice calls easily.

Smart touch screen speakers and a camera – like Nest Hub Max, or Lenovo Smart Display – allow you to make video calls through them, and more, while chatting, the camera can use the 127-degree wide field of view to track your face while moving around the room.

3- Listen to favorite music
To be able to listen to your favorite songs, first make sure to link (the Google Home app to the music apps you use, such as YouTube Music, Spotify, or other applications).

Then you can direct a voice command to Google Home to play a specific song, or a group of songs of a certain type. For example, you can direct a command to the device to play rock songs that were issued in the nineties of the last century, and when you want to stop playing songs, direct the following voice command to the device Hey Google, Stop the Music. Hey Google, Stop the Music.

4- Play games
Devices that work with Google Voice Assistant – such as Google Mini, Google Home, and Google Max – are ideal for playing games either yourself or with others. Here are some games you can try with Google Home:

• Ding Dong Coconut is a voice-over memory game where you have to link words to sounds, and to start playing just say: “Hello Google, let’s play Ding Dong Coconut.”
• Song Quiz, a pop music game where players guess the name of the song and artist for short clips. To start playing just say, “Hello Google, let’s play Song Quiz.”
• Brainstormer Trivia: It is a multiple choice questions that revolves around a variety of topics, and if your answer is wrong, you will get the correct answer with explanation.

5- Doing exercise at home
The Google Home helps you exercise inside the house, through the following options:

• Quick exercises: You can start or end your day with a seven-minute fast exercise, just say: “Hello Google, talk to Quick Workout.”
• Perform a 5-minute Plank exercise: Just say: “Hello Google, talk to Five-minute Plank.” The Google Assistant will ask you to take the practice mode, and you will do it 5 times, each time for one minute with a rest. It lasts 10 seconds after each time.

Do a variety of fitness exercises: This option gives you more diversity in terms of the exercises you want to do, just say: “Hello Google, talk to body exercises – Talk to Body Workout”.
• A guide to meditation and relaxation: If your day is long and you feel tired, you can say “Hello Google, ask the Meditation Guide”. You can participate in a group of meditation exercises with a quiet music clip that helps you relax and refocus.

6- Listen to the radio
For those times when you don’t want to use music streaming apps like Spotify or Pandora, and try other alternatives, ask Google Home to play your favorite radio station. Just say, “Hello Google, turn on (radio station name).”


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