472 new infections in Saudi Arabia .. and increased in crowded neighborhoods


Source: Dubai – Arabic.net

Saudi Minister of Health, Tawfiq Al-Rabiah, announced that the number of Corona patients nearly doubled within a week, which represents a challenge for all.

Al-Rabiah stressed, during a press conference in Riyadh on Monday, the need to adhere to the precautionary measures to overcome this challenge.

He also stressed the necessity of staying in homes, and not going out except for necessity, saying: “If we all commit, we will reach safety.”

He added: “We have noticed in the recent period the increase in injuries in the housing of workers, so I request the supervisors of these housing and the companies based on them to apply the highest rates of precautions in them.” He continued: “There is a committee led by the Minister of Municipalities and with him the Minister of Industry, and they make a great effort. We assure everyone in the private sector to support the state in applying the highest precautions in workers housing.”

He also noted: “We have noticed an increase in injuries in crowded neighborhoods, so I call on all residents to commit to sitting in their homes and applying the highest rates of precaution to ensure their safety and that of their families.”

To that he explained that “until now there is no treatment or vaccine for the Corona virus.” He said: “We have medical protocols in Saudi Arabia to deal with the virus, and the Saudi government sectors are making tremendous efforts and in high coordination.”

472 new infections and 6 deaths

For his part, the Ministry of Health spokesman, Muhammad al-Abd al-Aali, announced that 472 new cases of the virus had been recorded, distributed among a group of cities in the Kingdom, thus the total number of cases has reached 4934.

Al-Ali said during the daily press conference about Corona developments, that there are “6 new deaths and the total reaches 65 cases,” pointing to the recovery of 44 new cases to reach the number 805.

He added, “We expect to explore more cases as scans are expanded.”

He stressed “adherence to instructions and follow all steps and take advantage of all the strong precautionary measures that have been applied in the Kingdom.”

Delivery requests

And on how to deal with the requests that reach the home, Al-Aali said: “We must first try to take advantage of only applications licensed by the Communications and Information Technology Commission and we are not going to use any other methods to obtain delivery because these applications are reliable and approved only.”

To that, he continued: “When the delegate arrives at the house with requests, it is very important to make sure that we have a distance between us. It is better to leave the items at the door of the house and move away from the door and then receive.” And the use of electronic payment, “stressing the importance of disposing of bags and hand washing well afterwards.


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