40% decrease in the rate of cases and reports in Abu Dhabi due to “national sterilization” – across the Emirates – news and reports


The national sterilization program and its precautionary package, which were approved in order to deal with the “emerging corona virus”, contributed to a 40% reduction in crime rates in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

This is in comparison with the same period of last year 2019. The Public Prosecution in Abu Dhabi attributed, during the media forum, organized by the Abu Dhabi Judicial Department, yesterday, through visual communication technology, the reason for the decline, to the fact that it was the result of the responsible government agencies dealing with the outputs of the crisis realistically And professionalism through procedures and decisions.

Counselor Hassan Mohamed Al Hammadi, Director of the Public Prosecutions Department in Abu Dhabi, pointed out that the period from March 8 to April 13 witnessed the registration of 9 thousand and 510 cases, compared to 15 thousand and 186 cases during the same period of 2019 with a rate of 40%. Details of the reports received by the prosecution, Al-Hammadi stated:

It was recorded 2779 cases of check without balance compared to 3 thousand and 212 cases in the same period of last year with a decrease of 13%, and cases of violation of the Residence and Foreign Affairs Law reached 526 cases compared to 815 during the same period of 2019 with a decrease of 35%, indicating that the decision Issued to extend the validity of residencies and identity cards for residents and visas for visitors contributed to reducing the rate to 35% ».

Al Hammadi continued: “The percentage of the greatest decrease in traffic cases reached 55% and decreased to 166 cases compared to 365 during the same period in 2019, and traffic accidents and deaths resulting from them decreased by 50%, as a natural result of individuals’ commitment to the instructions issued by the concerned authorities and stay In their homes. ”

Accusative crimes

Al-Hammadi revealed a relatively high number of crimes, including fraud and fraud, as there were 288 cases compared to 254 cases in 2019, with a rise of 13%, due to the multiplicity of fraud and fraud, whether by traditional methods, or telephone and electronic monuments, unlike the rest of the crimes The precautionary measures and restrictions on movement contributed to its decline, which led to the commitment of people to stay in the homes. In addition, the Public Prosecution in Abu Dhabi announced the implementation of remote work in all its activities by 100% and the transfer of all services provided to customers electronically.



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