3 new Corona injuries in pictures


The head of the Health Authority in the South Lebanon Governorate, Dr. Jalal Haider, in coordination with the district medicine department of the authority in Saida, Tire, and Jezzine, and the epidemiological surveillance department in it and in cooperation with the municipalities and security services, continued to follow up all matters related to confronting the emerging Covid 19 virus, especially investigating the positive conditions of citizens declared in terms of Residents and expatriates at the level of southern villages and towns within the governorate and monitor their contacts according to the methodology followed in the ministry.

It is mentioned that, according to the Judicial Medicine follow-up, the rate of infected cases is still 12 today in the city of Sidon and its jurisdiction 12, including four expatriates who have recently arrived from abroad, while in Tire, three new cases of expatriates living in Liberia have returned to Lebanon by plane Especially, that brings the total number of positive cases confirmed in laboratory to 9, while monitoring the conditions of stone 5 expatriates in Jezzine, which were not recorded any injuries.

The Authority wished that all residents and expatriates who were infected, the commitment of home quarantine in order to ensure their safety and the safety of society in general.

a tour
On the level of domestic isolation places that have been put at disposal, the Judicial Department conducted a tour of Al-Mons hotels in the town of Sarafand and Abu Deeb Park in Al-Qasimiya and Montana in Marwaniya, during which she confirmed the availability of all health conditions necessary for the quarantine process in them, if they were officially approved by the Ministry.

With regard to hospitals, the Health Authority team has accompanied the launch of the remarkable government hospital of Sidon, which was embodied by conducting a proactive examination of the largest possible number of medical teams and various groups of society, especially the most vulnerable to infection in order to monitor actual positive cases with specific numbers to contain the virus, in addition to the mechanism of preparing the hospital, by examining the PCR after raising the readiness of his medical team, who assigned a floor in the hospital to receive corona patients.

He also toured the Hammoud University Hospital in the city, which was approved by the Ministry of Health, and launched, according to this step, the process of virus testing by ready-made clinics outside the hospital building.

In this regard, the Hamshari Hospital, through UNRWA institutions concerned with Palestinian refugee affairs in Lebanon’s camps, was accompanied by conducting an examination of their new Covid 19 virus.

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