22.5% of China and India’s share of Saudi non-oil exports in 2019


China and India accounted for 22.5 percent of the total Saudi non-oil exports amounting to 216 billion riyals during the past year 2019, by about 49.99 billion riyals, of which 35.63 billion for China 14.36 billion riyals for India.
Saudi non-oil exports consist of commodities that have been produced or manufactured entirely locally or that have undergone industrial operations, as well as exports of foreign goods known as re-exports.
According to the analysis of the reports unit in the “Al-Iqtisadiah” newspaper, based on official data, Saudi Arabia’s non-oil exports to China and India recorded growth in 2019 of 0.5 percent, reaching about 49.75 billion riyals in 2018, to continue its growth for the third year in a row.
During the last five years, non-oil exports to India and China jumped by nearly 50 percent, reaching 33.5 billion riyals in 2015 compared to last year at 49.99 billion riyals, i.e. they increased 16.5 billion riyals during the period.
Exports to the two countries made up 17.6 percent of total non-oil exports in 2013, while their share increased to 22.5 percent last year.
In detail, Saudi Arabia’s non-oil exports to India during the year 2019 increased by 7.2 percent, reaching about 14.36 billion riyals, compared to about 13.4 billion riyals in 2018, constituting 6.5 percent of the total non-oil exports compared to 5.7 percent in 2018.
While non-oil exports to China declined slightly last year, reaching 35.63 billion riyals, compared to 36.4 billion riyals in 2018, to form about 16.1 percent of the total compared to 15.4 percent in 2018.
China and India are at the forefront of the five most important countries for which Saudi Arabia exports non-oil products during 2019, followed by the UAE and Singapore, as well as the European Union.
Saudi non-oil exports amounting to about 216 billion riyals in 2019 decreased by 5.8 percent compared to 221.9 billion riyals for the year 2018, and by a difference of 13.6 billion riyals, forming about 41 percent of the total exports for the period.
* Economic Reports Unit


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