157 injuries and 99 new recoveries from Corona


The Saudi Ministry of Health announced today, Wednesday, that it had detected 157 new cases of the emerging coronavirus, which raises the total number of infections in the Kingdom to 1720.

The new infections were distributed in several Saudi cities as follows: 78 in Medina, 55 in Mecca, 7 in Riyadh, 6 in Qatif, 3 in Jeddah, 3 in Al-Hofuf, 2 in Tabuk and 2 in Taif.

All of these cases, with the exception of only one from the outside, were contacts of infected patients who had been previously observed.

Most of those with corona in Saudi Arabia have a stable health condition and receive appropriate care, while there are 30 critical cases receiving intensive care.

Also, 6 new deaths were recorded in Saudi Arabia related to Corona virus: 3 for residents, one for a Saudi citizen in Medina, one for a resident in Riyadh and one for a resident in Mecca. Consequently, the total number of deaths in Corona in Saudi Arabia reached 16.

On the other hand, 99 new cases of coronavirus recovery were recorded in the Kingdom, bringing the total number of those who have recovered to 264 in Saudi Arabia.


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