13 conditions for the return of the Bundesliga


The German Bundesliga laid down laws before the resumption of first-class matches on May 9. According to leaks published by Germany’s Goal correspondent, Dunant Murphy. The leaks of documents issued by the German Federation provided for the following laws:

1- Players are allowed to live in their homes or in the team hotel, but they are not allowed to have sexual relations with their beloved or their wives, if they exhibit symptoms of the Corona virus.
2- Players are prohibited from using public transportation, and they must observe preventive measures in the event of sneezing or coughing.
3 – It is preferable to wear a muzzle when roaming in the hotel and to walk away two meters from the others.
4- It is forbidden to go to the hotel bar or use the room service, and to use the facility to open doors and press buttons.
5- Each player is examined upon arrival at the club’s headquarters or training.
6- The exercises are held in wide areas, to prevent overcrowding.
7- Each player puts his clothes and his own shoes in the washing machine, by himself, after each training.
8- Avoid private conversations and whispering.
9 – Before the match, the two teams will not stand in the tunnel leading to the stadium at the same time.
10 – Reserve players sit on the bench for a distance from each other.
11- There will be no handshake between the two teams before the match.
12 – It is forbidden to have more than 322 people on the field during the match, and in addition to the two teams and their teams there will be: 4 policemen, 10 journalists, 4 ball collectors, 8 maintenance men, 50 security men.
13- If the fans crowd outside the stadium, the match will be postponed immediately.

It should be noted that the Bundesliga is the first European league to resume its matches in light of the outbreak of the “Corona” epidemic.

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