1172 new cases of coronavirus


Source: Dubai – Arabic.net

The Saudi Ministry of Health announced today, Friday, that 1172 new cases of Coronavirus had been registered in the Kingdom, raising the total number to 15,102 cases.

Ministry spokesman Mohammed Al-Abdali said in a press conference that the new cases were distributed among several cities, and 25% of them belong to Saudi citizens, while 75% of them were non-Saudi residents.

Of all those with corona in Saudi Arabia, 93 are “critical cases” receiving intensive care care.

On the other hand, the number of recovering cases from Corona in Saudi Arabia increased by 124 cases, bringing the number of recovery cases to 2049.

Also, 6 new deaths were registered in Corona in the Kingdom, including two Saudis and 4 non-Saudis, bringing the number of deaths to 127.

Al-Abbad Alali said that the Saudi Ministry of Health is awaiting more cases of recovery from the Corona virus, pointing out that the low death rate is due to the medical care available in Saudi Arabia for all those infected with the Corona virus free of charge and at the highest levels.

Al-Abdulali stressed the importance of continuing to follow the recommendations of social separation. He also recommends using the “Appointment” application for daily self-assessment.


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