11.752 million transactions electronically through the official portal of the country during 2019 – the economic – the local market


The latest numbers that monitor activity through the official portal of the country showed that 11.752 million transactions were included in the list of electronic services classified as being the most used during the year 2019.

The UAE has made great achievements in the field of smart transformation during the past few years, and this was evident through the provision of the government to 5713 federal and local services and an electronic procedure through the official portal of the country during the year 2019.

The rich package of services provided by the official portal has earned it the status of the most advanced digital platform at the regional and global levels, in addition to its ease and flexibility in the procedures of completing transactions through smart entry, it has provided the public with a digital signature service on documents and forms.

The year 2013 witnessed an important turning point in the UAE in terms of implementing smart transformation, after the launch of the smart government initiative and providing services to the public electronically.

The list of electronic services most used during the past year included transactions related to payment of traffic violations, renewal of residence permit, work contracts, ID cards, entry permits and payment of electricity, water and other services.

Usually, the topics of the services are arranged on the main page of the government portal on the basis of the most used by the public compared to the rest of the available services, knowing that the list changes automatically according to the daily use of the services and in a way that reflects the user’s behavior.

And in detail on the level of the most used electronic services for the year 2019, the number of traffic violations that have been completed electronically reached 1553681 transactions .. While the job permit and work contract or job permit was renewed from within the state by 1453908 transactions and the number of entry permits reached 2382107 transactions and about 1866107 payment transactions Due to electricity and water.

1123999 new work contracts were issued from within the state, renewal of residence permits at 761821 transactions, renewal of ID card at 697538 transactions, 619144 to issue residence permits, 524331 transactions to issue a new work permit, and 523751 transactions to issue a new identity card.

It is noteworthy that the list of sectors of electronic services available through the official portal includes health care services – the Ministry of Health and Community Protection in addition to education services – the Ministry of Education and services of the Ministry of Community Development and electronic services in personnel affairs – the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation and the services of federal government employees – the Federal Resource Authority Governmental humanity.

In addition to the services of the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Economy, the Federal Tax Authority, the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment, and the Ministry of Energy and Industry, the Ministry of the Interior provided all electronic services related to traffic, vehicle licensing, criminal security, penal and correctional facilities, and civil defense, along with electronic services related to visa, entry visas, and residence – Federal Authority for Identity Nationality and e-services for citizens traveling abroad – the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation.



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