100% EMPOWER preparations for the summer – economic – final deal


The Emirates Central Cooling Systems Corporation (EMPOWER), the largest provider of district cooling services in the world, confirmed the readiness of its stations to receive the summer season, after successfully completing all the required preparations and with sustainable and responsible methods of maintenance and operation operations. Where temperatures will start to rise gradually during the current month, and this average rise will reach 3-5 degrees compared to last March, according to the statement of the National Meteorological Center.

Empower explained that the maintenance of all its refrigeration stations has been completed to ensure the continuity and quality of the refrigeration service during the peak period in the summer months for all the company’s customers in Dubai. Empower relies, in its preparations for the summer season, on the control and control center, which includes smart computer control operations, which includes accurate measurement of temperature in residential and commercial units, maintenance of measuring devices, and verification of thermal sensors. This process ensures a smooth flow of networks and machines and the readiness of tools in dealing with emergency situations.

The Foundation’s assurances to ensure the best services come in conjunction with the commitment of Dubai residents to stay in their homes due to the precautionary measures to confront the Corona virus. Empower urged the residents to rationalize the consumption of cooling energy during their stay in their homes and practice in order to avoid incurring an additional cost on their monthly bills.

Ahmed bin Shafar, CEO of Empower said, “Energy consumption doubles during the summer, when about 70% of electrical energy goes to air conditioning consumption in the region. The Foundation uses the latest district cooling systems, in accordance with international standards, in operational operations, to support The vision of a rational leadership towards implementing sustainable development, which aims to reduce the rates of electricity and water consumption by 30%, and to make Dubai a global center for the green economy and the city with the lowest carbon footprint globally by 2050.

Bin Shafar explained that the Foundation provides the largest projects in Dubai with its requirements for refrigeration services, and this requires a high readiness to ensure the provision of high-quality service without interruption, which is what is characterized by “Empower” as it depends in its operations on modern and environmentally friendly technologies in the production of cooling energy and applies solutions Based on artificial intelligence in prediction and troubleshooting malfunctions.



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