Yousra sends a message to her fans from behind the muzzle


A large number of artists in the Arab world have provided their advice to their audiences through their own accounts on social media, in solidarity with the measures called for by their countries to prevent the risk of infection of the emerging corona virus, which has spread in many countries of the world, including almost all the Arab countries.

On her part, the artist Yusra sent a message to the audience, asking them to stay at home, to protect from the Corona virus, by publishing a video on her Instagram account, in which she appeared wearing a medical mask and gloves.

Yousra asked the public to endure the period of domestic isolation, noting that this period was used for enjoying the home and sitting with the family and the closeness between them more, saying: “Rejoice in the blessings in which you are not receiving a tiger with a crisis and, God willing, our Lord will deliver us.”

It is mentioned that Yusra used to depict the last period of her role in the series “Dahab Ayra”, which was to participate in Ramadan 2020, but the filming stopped due to the imposition of curfews inside Egypt, and the tournament is shared by Joumana Murad, Hala Shiha, Abeer Sabri, and Hanadi Mohanna.

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