Your right for me, six sixes


Music distributor Ahmed Ibrahim published a picture of him with his wife, the star Angham, where he appeared while kissing her head, through his own account on Instagram.

Ibrahim commented on the photo
By saying: “Your right is upon me, six six … Black is black and dogs are dogs.”

However, he deleted the comment and then wrote: “Your right to me, six six.”

So is she back!
To Ahmed Ibrahim, especially since this photo came a few days after the confusion that the latter raised after his publication
A photo of his first wife, saluting her on the occasion of International Women’s Day.

Then he returned and posted a photo that combined him with melodies attached to it
With a long message, hinting at his separation from her.

Ahmed Ibrahim said of Angham: “This woman
I love her and everyone knows. I do not accept any offense to her or bidding on my love and appreciation for us
We endured together your longitude and your transgressions and your disrespect for our privacy and distorted our love “and we were inhabited” against us and until this moment you are still analyzing and deciding, your accusation to me and slander
By seeking fame as if I were a beginner and accusing her of falsely destroying my home, today it is impossible to provoke it
Or I am a party against it or its interest, and my words of my gratitude and appreciation for the mother of my children and her role
With them I repeated it in more than one meeting, and my son was ready for a statue to bear pressure as well
Terrible, and this does not offend the tunes. On the contrary, she respects this for me. ”

He added: “Wangam and I were happy for the last minute
Despite your cruelty, I was and still see her the most beautiful, and we succeeded overwhelmingly at work, I wish
Repeat it, if we estimate the dimension, nothing will change from my feelings towards it, on the contrary, it will increase, and my respect for it
Mahfouz, more than 17 years old in my work, nobody knew me until after my marriage to her because she is a star
Great will not be repeated and her fans supported me a lot .. I hope our Lord increases it beauty and success and writes
Unfortunately for her, the distance from me started, but it will not change my feelings and I will live on our memories
Sweet. ”

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