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Saudi activist Hind Al-Qahtani replied to the bold video that she had posted for herself wearing days of revealing clothes, which showed sensitive parts of her body, while presenting an advertisement for one of the clothes, saying that the masses in the Arab countries are attacking her behavior as being Saudi, while praising other stars who do the same behavior.

Al-Qahtani said: “Abi is talking about the topic of corsets that I wore that day to announce … the world has risen and it has not stood … and the great majority criticized and said inappropriate words.”

Hind continued: “First of all, this is a declaration … and secondly, if it is not an ambiguous declaration, I mean, I committed a crime … something out of the ordinary that no one else had ever before … nor because I am a Saudi, landed a curse on me … I have no right to others. .. and others have the right not to me. ”

And Hend added: “This is your problem, which means that I am a Saudi woman … I am once like a harem … I mean Najwa Karam, who all takes the example of the rainy icon, the iconic all her songs during the summer, her chest is shown like my chest in the corset .. Elisa also has all of her songs released like my chest in the corset and Dahr Erian.”

She continued: “All Arab women in all Arab countries are entitled to what I have no right … I mean, I am others … I mean, they are women, but I am not once .. I mean, you say that Elissa, Najwa Karam, Sirin Abdel Nour or Nadine Najim and Maryam Fares, this is their job. Okay, so I am this job, and I classify myself as modern .. How much do you get in me .. If someone were to send clothes now I would iron them .. and announce them .. Praise be to God my body is good and I am useful as well.

She added: “On the same day, I was watching clips from the series of Sirine Abdel Nour and Tim .. When they came, you talked about her, showing her the most beautiful things in her, and you said,” Show her body. “What a old man thinks of me is much older than me and for many years … Nadine Njeim did not say that An old woman, she is the same age as me .. And Yasmine Sabri is doing actions that embolden her in dress and movements, and when they see her, they glorify her .. Men and women together thank them. ”

And she said: “The first time that Maryam Fares revealed a national dog dance video, I entered browsing and seeing people’s comments on it, and I found most of those who comment on the videos from our spring .. I enter the most flying ones in them … and you are thankful for her dancing and her body … What is the extent of her prostitution or her crime … And you are your soul who You commented Miriam Fares’s video clip and praised the talents in her .. Your soul, who commented on the video to me with my daughter, visions at her graduation ceremony, made clear comments .. And I did nothing but my chest. Evil immoral, God makes you destroy hell. ”

The Saudi activist Hind Al-Qahtani, has caused the wrath of many social media activists, after she published a bold video clip through her account in “Snapchat”, in which she reviewed her charms, during which she promoted a women’s bra after she wore it, but revealed scandalous parts of her chest At a time when she was remembering the peculiarities of the pectoral.

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