Witness .. Houthi sniper admits receiving training at the hands of Iranians


Source: Arabic.Net – Osan Salem

Houthi sniper, who fell in the grip of the joint forces in the Yemeni west coast, implicitly admitted that he was trained by Iranian trainers, saying, “They speak foreign languages, as well as elements of the Lebanese Hezbollah.”

He also revealed his training in a group for only days and pushed them to the front rows under the name of the death squad without receiving adequate training.

The Houthi sniper, who was called Omar Muhammad Saleh Al-Marani, fell in the grip of the joint forces, 5 days after his stationing with others at a new site east of the mountainous area of ​​the district of Al-Tahita in Hodeidah Governorate.

In a video clip, the Houthi sniper confirmed the death of a large number of his snipers colleagues on the fronts of the district of Al-Tahita, noting that the so-called death battalions to which he belongs are just a name.

Courage Grain

He mentioned the militia’s dependence on what they call courageous pills, whose users lose their feelings and come forward to participate in operations indifferent to their fate.

He pointed out that the Houthi militia exploited religious activities to plunge as many people as possible to the fronts, stressing that his joining them was during his participation in the last Prophet’s activity.

He admitted that mine action teams are receiving the most attention from the Houthi militia and that they are planting networks without paying attention to maps showing most of them, and only in the contiguous lines of certain sites.


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