Witness: Beauty expert Joel urinates herself with “Raoucheh” and her mother exposes her


The journalist Joel Mardinian was subjected to a wave of harsh criticism and insults after her spontaneous speech in a live broadcast on the Instagram application about an embarrassing situation she suffered with some of her friends.According to “Laha” magazine, a large number of followers transmitted a short video clip of the broadcast, in which it was reported that she was with her friends in a café and after drinking a lot of liquids, she felt an urgent desire to enter the toilet.

She noted that “she was unable to enter the bathroom and went with her friends to another café and also drank an orchid, and while enjoying time and laughter she was exposed to an embarrassing situation when she urinated on herself, pointing out that this incident can not be forgotten.

Because of her spontaneity, Joel was subjected to harsh criticism and insults, and some accused her of speaking irresponsible in light of the crisis in the universe due to the Corona virus, considering that she loves to manufacture and loves to provoke controversy. On the other hand, she was defended by many of her followers who used to be simple and spontaneous in speaking, describing her words as reconciling with the self.

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