Witness: A Venezuelan chooses boxing to achieve equality with men inside and outside the circuit


Venezuelan boxing Tionis Cedeno works to achieve gender equality in the gymnasium where she believes that hatred of women can be overcome. Boxing carries a message to women and girls around the world stating that it is necessary to believe in their ability to overcome all obstacles.

“It is time to recognize women on an equal footing with male athletes and we will succeed in breaking this barrier,” says Tionis Cedinho.

Sidneyo, who practices boxing at 49 kilograms, represented her country at the World Boxing Championship in 2019. She is standing under a large poster with a picture of her and the phrase “golden boxing”. “.

Tionis Cedinho excelled in martial arts but later possessed her with a passion for boxing which made her give up karate. The athlete who won two titles in South America explains, “Once I started boxing, I loved it and fell in love with it, and I reject the idea that I’m not a woman’s sport.”

Tiones Cedinho faced skepticism in Venezuela, hoping to “smash” the idea that boxing was reserved for men. “My parents supported me, but some neighbors and relatives told me how do you do that? This is a game for men.”

Taiwanese Cedinho stresses that women are “able to do many things in areas they are not welcome in, not just in boxing.”

In order to achieve equality in boxing, Cedeno emphasizes that women need greater official support, noting that Gilberto Mendoza, president of the World Boxing Association, who is Venezuelan, can do more. Boxing, which is about to be professional, says that male boxers move more easily to professionalism, stressing the need for women to get more support.

mutual respect

Taiwanese Cedinho says discrimination appears in boxing circles when selecting participants for tournaments and tournaments with priority given to men while neglecting women who need this experience. “We need more matches in order to be able to assess our capabilities against foreign rivals, especially Europeans, who are the strongest.”

Cedeno notes that she was never subjected to harassment, explaining, “I had many coaches and mutual respect prevailed among us. I thank God for not being subjected to this.”

Sidneyo appears happy and has control over a role that many fear she will play, seeing that she has a strong message for girls and women in all fields. “I tell all women and girls that they have to discover themselves and can achieve everything if they believe in their capabilities,” she asserts. “We will break these walls and it is time to recognize women on an equal footing with men,” she concludes.


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