With your hands, the sixth victim of Corona … What did his brother say to “Al-Nahar”?


A new victim of the newly created virus drove her life yesterday, at the Rafic Hariri University Hospital, where this time it was written on your hands that Uggassian had his last breath after suffering for days from what he thought was the beginning of a flu to show after the examination that he had a corona. He resisted on the hospital bed until he embraced the soul, to leave, leaving two children in desperate need.

The Ministry of Public Health announced in its daily report on COVID-19, that “as of March 26, 2020, the number of laboratory-confirmed cases in Hariri University Hospital and accredited university hospital laboratories, as well as private laboratories, was 368, an increase of 35 from yesterday, as recorded. Two deaths occurred in two patients suffering from chronic diseases, one in the fifth decade of life, in the Rafic Hariri University Hospital, and the other in the seventh decade in the Hospital of Our Lady of Aid.

Unfounded rumors …

“Your hands did not suffer from any incurable disease as the media circulated,” according to what his brother Krikor told “Al-Nahar”, as he expressed his regret over the circulation of unfounded rumors and before making sure of his family, pointing out that “some talked about the suffering of my brother From heart disease, or blood sugar, cancer and other chronic diseases, but in fact the health of your hands was excellent, yes he had blood pressure but no other diseases, knowing that the disease is not a defect, but the thinking of some is flawed. “He added:” Before If his fever was normal, he called me and informed me of his new situation and he called the doctor and the latter asked him to go to Rafik Hariri Hospital and so on. P to examine Corona, and this is what happened. ”

Rapid deterioration

With your own hands (46 years) he conducted the examination in the hospital and returned to his home in Antelias, and the next day “he got a call telling him that the result of the examination is positive and he has to go to the hospital, that was last Sunday, on Monday he went to the hospital, I called him and informed me that his situation improved, But the next day worsened, as the doctors told us that his situation was not good, and yesterday the disaster was by applying his eyes forever, Krikor said, adding: “My brother’s family underwent a corona examination and we are awaiting the result, and we hope that the result is negative, especially since there are no visible symptoms. On them, “noting that” before your hands were exposed to the symptoms of the disease I had not seen him for 17 days Because of our application of domestic isolation procedures “, and asked if he was aware of those who picked up the virus, he replied:” Unfortunately not. ”

Today, he buried your hands in the burial, after a journey that did not appear on the ground, during which he worked in the cranes in Bourj Hammoud. His concern was, as his brother said, “securing a decent life for his family, and suddenly everything ends with a virus, we do not know how and where it appeared.”

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