With video || Defamation, extortion and ethical issues … The police arrest a famous Moroccan artist and her sister


Moroccan media circulated a video clip showing the moment of the arrest of Ibtisam Batma, the sister of the artist Dunia Batma, and her transfer to Marrakesh prison, on suspicion of her involvement in “participating in the system of automated processing of data by fraud.”

Batmeh was also accused of the issue of “broadcasting pictures and statements of others without approval”, “broadcasting false allegations with the intent to prejudice the private life of persons and defamation”, and “participation and extortion”.

Accordingly, a court in the Moroccan city of Marrakesh issued a decision to arrest Ibtisam and put her in pretrial detention, against the background of an electronic account case known to be blackmailing celebrities.

According to those methods, the artist Donia Butma was involved with her sister, Ibtisam, in the case of Hamza Moon Bibi, who leaked scandalous pictures of artists and celebrities, and blackmailed many of what led to scandals in the artistic community that caused a media divorce and an artist and the loss of some of their work.

And those means confirmed that, with the investigation of the artist, Donia Butma, she was released on the case with great bail, in addition to being prevented from traveling outside Morocco, while she did not mention the verdict issued against her sister.


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