With a photo from her childhood and with a medical mask..Nawal Al-Zoghbi’s talk


The Lebanese artist Nawal Al Zoghbi has topped the search engines on Google in the past few days, and attracted the attention of the public after she participated with interactive posts with her followers through her official accounts on the communication sites.

Initially, Nawal Al Zoghbi referred back a lot and nostalgia to the memories of the past, and decided to share with her followers a picture of her from childhood when she was only two years old, commenting: “This is me when I was two years old.”

The Lebanese artist did not lose much from the throne of the trend until she returned to the top again, after she participated in the educational role to prevent Corona virus, which was recently classified by the World Health Organization as a global epidemic.

Nawal Al Zoghbi’s role in raising awareness of the Corona virus was a picture she published, wearing a medical mask and saying, “Stay home.”

On the technical front, the golden star Nawal Al Zoghbi put her latest work entitled “The Powerful” on YouTube nearly a month ago, and it has received more than 2.5 million views so far.

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