Will it collide or not? … NASA settles an asteroid case at the end of April


Social media users circulated extensively about news that a meteor or asteroid collided with the Earth on April 29th, which was refuted by Al-Hurra in a previous scientific article explaining that the asteroid will not collide with the Earth.

In turn, the American agency that monitored this crime since 1998 confirmed that there is no danger that it will pass along the ground.

And this news is spread on the pages of networking sites in various formats, agreeing that humanity is in imminent danger on the twenty-ninth of April 2020.

According to the news health investigation team at the French Press Agency, rumors about this asteroid began to circulate on March 3.

The news was also reported by news websites such as this one which he published entitled “After the Corona disaster … a planet with 30 nuclear bombs is coming to Earth to destroy it completely.”

“The asteroid is expected to collide with Earth by next April 29,” the article said, and that “any space object of this size that moves at such speed could completely destroy the planet Earth,” attributing the information to NASA.

Asteroids are rocky bodies that range in diameter from a few meters to several kilometers, and larger objects are called dwarf planets, and the largest of them are planets.

Scientists at the US space agency say that the rate of asteroid hitting the size of a soccer field on Earth is about once every two thousand years, causing damage in the area and its surroundings.

As for the major objects whose collision with our planet leaves massive damage at the level of the earth as a whole, it is a very rare event that occurred last time 66 million years ago.

In the past years, the scientific community has redoubled its efforts to count the bodies that swim near the Earth and whose orbit can cross with the Earth’s orbit and hit it.

So far, 95 percent of the objects over one kilometer in diameter have been identified.

In theory, the collision of any of these objects leads to a catastrophe, as the atmosphere will not be able to break them all before they reach the ground, and their collision will lead to thousands of dead and massive destruction all over the earth.

So scientists and space agencies are working on studying possible ways to divert any object bound to Earth from its path, in plans reminiscent of science fiction films.

Scientists discovered the US space agency in 1998, and they called it (52768 OR2 1998).

It is expected that he will actually go along the ground in the coming weeks, and it can be said that, given the diameter of one to three kilometers, hitting it on the ground would cause a real disaster.


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