Who is the only fan in the match between Valencia and Atlanta?


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After the European Union’s decision to prevent the masses from attending a number of matches in the European championships, the Spanish match for Valencia was held against Atlanta, Italy, on Tuesday evening, in the second leg of the Champions League final price, without an audience, and at the same time witnessed a pleasant situation, despite the difficult events associated With the spread of the new Corona virus.

Mestaya stadium seats appeared completely empty, with the exception of one seat in which a statue of a fan appeared, which surprised the viewers, before he knew when the camera photographed him closely.
The cheerleader is a statue of Vicente Aparicio, one of the great fans of Valencia Club, who has consistently been present at all (bats) matches, by purchasing seasonal tickets that allow him to attend all Matches On the floor of his club square.

Vicente used to reserve seat number 164 in row 15 at the Mestalla stadium, which he had not abandoned throughout his promotion of Valencia.

Despite his death, 3 years ago in June 2019, the management of the Valencia club decided to make a bronze statue of the “loyal” fan, according to his title in the city, and put him in his usual seat at the “Mestalla” stadium, to continue Vicente Aparicio to attend “bats” matches against the Corona virus According to Spanish newspapers published today.

The recent outbreak of the Corona virus in Italy and Spain led to a decision by the European Union to prevent fans from attending a number of matches, including the Valencia and Atlanta match, Getafe and Inter Milan in the European League, in addition to the Barcelona and Naples match in the Champions League.

It is worth noting that the match ended with the loss of the bat by four goals against three, to bid farewell to the tournament and Atlanta continues its exciting adventure.


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