White Abaya … Dominique Hourani with a decent view of Instagram



You are sweet magazine:

The artist “Dominique Hourani” was publishedA new photo of her via her personal page on the social networking site for trading photos and videos on Instagram, and commented on her, “Give me an accurate description of your mothers.”

“Dominique Hourani” starred“With a decent look, dressed in a white dress inlaid with roses, similar to a loose cloak.

About Dominique Hourani:
Dominique Hourani, a Lebanese model and singer, is famous for her songs in Egyptian and Syrian dialects. She has acting experiences, was born into a Lebanese family, and has four brothers. She worked in the field of fashion show, then she entered the field of singing and has a number of songs, video clip, was born on August 7, 1985 in Yaroun, Lebanon. Intia Pedia, Biography


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