WhatsApp is preparing to introduce its self-destructive message technology


Worldwide instant messaging “WhatsApp” is preparing to introduce “self-destructive” messaging technology for the first time to users.

WhatsApp revealed this technology earlier, but it has not announced the date of its launch yet, and it appears that it is about to launch a new update in which this technology will be available.

And the specialized technical GSM website told us that “self-management” technology will be available in the coming weeks.

This technology is still available through the “WhatsApp Beta” version, but WhatsApp officials promised that the basic application will be supported in the coming weeks.

This new update from WhatsApp No. 2.20.84 will carry this technology and will be available through the Android and iOS operating systems.

The new update will enable users to choose to expire messages and self-destruct them between one hour, one day, one week, or one year.

And it appears in the pictures of the new update that once you choose to self-destroy the messages, they will appear next to the clock icon of the time the message is sent through the “WhatsApp” application, when the message will disappear permanently.

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