What is the relationship of Mohammed bin Zayed to the arrest of the former Saudi Crown Prince?


“Checkmate King”, with these words, Emirati Hamad Al-Mazrouei, who is close to Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed, celebrated the arrest of the two princes, Ahmed bin Abdulaziz, brother of the Saudi king, and Mohammed bin Nayef, the former crown prince, and his brother Prince Nawwaf bin Nayef.

The state of happiness that Al Mazroui, Bin Zayed’s arm, showed on social media, reflects the state of Emirati satisfaction with the arrest of the princes, especially “Bin Nayef,” who was known for his cautious dealing with Bin Zayed, and his constant talk about the latter’s endeavor to stir up differences between members of the ruling family.

The dispute between the two men was due when Bin Nayef, when he was crown prince, issued a warning about the dangers of an “Emirati plot” to stir up differences between members of the Saudi royal family, which caused a severe difference between them, according to the American magazine “New Yorker” revealed in 2018.

During a message sent by Prince bin Nayef to King Salman bin Abdulaziz, he warned against “a conspiracy led by Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed to stir up differences within the Saudi royal palace.”

“Bin Zayed plans to use his relations with US President Donald Trump to achieve his goals and plan to interfere in Saudi internal affairs,” the message said.

At the time, the magazine revealed in a investigative investigation to it details the efforts of the Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman to remove his predecessor Bin Nayef, as well as his cooperation with officials in the American administration to achieve the vision of change, in the endeavors to achieve this vision in the Middle East.

The magazine’s investigation touched on the role of the UAE’s ambassador to Washington, Yousef Al-Otaiba, in the campaign to promote Prince Mohammed bin Salman in American circles.

According to the magazine, Bin Zayed helped bin Salman achieve his influence because he saw in him the image of a “leader who is eager to fight his enemies”, in addition to his disagreement with Bin Nayef.

King Salman personally signed the arrest warrant for the two princes Ahmed bin Abdulaziz and Muhammad bin Nayef, whom the Saudi authorities accused of “treason”, according to Western reports.

The most prominent charges that were leveled against the two princes, according to what Reuters quoted a regional source, was that bin Nayef and his son made contact with foreign powers, including the Americans and others, to carry out a coup.

The agency also quoted earlier, sources, that Prince Ahmed was one of only three members of the pledge of allegiance, which consists of senior members of the Al Saud family, who opposed the appointment of Muhammad bin Salman as crown prince in 2017.

Who told them?

After the arrest, conversations began to circulate that bin Zayed provided the distorted news to the Saudi leadership by monitoring the contacts made by the detainees with the ambassadors of European countries in Saudi Arabia with the aim of removing him from the government, according to political analyst Mahmoud Refaat.

Activists shared on social media a video clip showing bin Zayed sitting in front of Bin Nayef when he was a humiliating crown prince, while linking his detention because of this treatment.

The former adviser to the Saudi government and current dissident Muhammad al-Qahtani revealed in a statement to “Gulf Online” that the reasons that prompted the Crown Prince, Mohammed bin Salman, to arrest the princes is the arrival of information to him stating that there are invitations that were transferred from within the military establishment by leaders, to The Emirs Ahmad and Bin Nayef need to implement a military coup.

Al-Qahtani ruled out the existence of any plan by bin Nayef or Prince Ahmed to overthrow the current Saudi leadership, as it is currently being promoted.

Prince Ahmed and Bin Nayef have strong ties with the military and security institutions, as they have previously held government positions, most notably the Ministry of Interior, which controls all the joints of the kingdom.

Old dispute .. and Colombian mercenaries to arrest him

The head of the European Institute for International Law and International Relations, Mahmoud Refaat, believes that the crown prince of Abu Dhabi is the one behind the abuse of the former crown prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed bin Nayef, because of a very old dispute between them, indicating that the implementation of this matter occurred in Riyadh.

He pointed out that bin Zayed passed on false information to Ibn Salman about a communication taking place between Bin Nayef and Ahmed bin Abdul Aziz, with some ambassadors of European countries, which prompted the Saudi crown prince to arrest them.

In his talk to Al-Khaleej Online, Refaat talks about sending bin Zayed Colombian mercenaries to Riyadh to carry out the process of arresting the princes, noting that they carried out the arrests after wearing the dress of the Saudi Royal Guard.

He also pointed out that the abuse that befell Bin Nayef “started more than 3 years ago, by extracting the mandate of the covenant from him, and this idea was for Muhammad bin Zayed, who persuaded Bin Salman, his father, and the prince to be associated with it.”

He added: “One of the requirements of the idea was the rise of bin Salman at the expense of Muhammad bin Nayef, and the latter’s satisfaction was the result of abuse against him 3 years ago.”

He pointed out that the Americans have abandoned Bin Nayef since the assumption of the US President Donald Trump, adding: “Bin Nayef was throughout his life dependent on their friendship, and he was considered one of their security tools in the region and he implemented them whatever they wanted, and this is the reason why Mohammed bin Zayed abused him more.” .

Towards the throne

And previously, “Gulf Online” obtained information from various sources, confirming that the general atmosphere prevailing in the “Al Saud family” in the Kingdom indicates that preparing for a big order during the coming period, may reach the lineup behind a consensual figure and support it to make a deliberate move. Against King Salman and his son.

The sources added that “Bin Salman is starting to feel an existential threat to him more than before (referring to the Ritz-Carlton hotel arrests of princes and officials).”

She pointed out that Western proposals suggest that the possible alternative to King Salman is his younger brother, Prince Ahmed, who was at the time residing in Britain.

Ahmed bin Abdulaziz had publicly affirmed his rejection of the policy of his brother the king and his crown prince, as his nephew bin Salman opposed and refused to appoint him crown prince, and he did not pledge allegiance to him when he was a member of the Allegiance Council in 2017.


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