What is going on in Qatif .. Saudi Arabia imposes a strict siege on the Shiite governorate and closes it with cement walls!


The decision of the Saudi authorities raised the closure of a governorate
Qatif, predominantly Shiite because of the Coruna virus, a wave of widespread criticism,
And questions about the reasons for the quarantine, whether it is medical or sectarian politics.

A week has passed since the Qatif governorate was closed
Kamel has a Shiite majority in eastern Saudi Arabia, and has been surrounded by cement mounds before
The Saudi authorities, after the province witnessed the registration of 11 cases of coronavirus.

And the authorities closed the beginning of this month, a province
Qatif faced the movement of entry and exit, and stopped working in government departments and institutions
Private except for the basic facilities that provide security, supply and necessary services
After discovering 11 cases in the governorate in one go.

The authorities set up checkpoints to prevent entry into the area
In and out, but kept the goods flowing.

Qatif, historically, a hot spot between
The government, which is dominated by Sunnis and the Shiite minority, which complains of discrimination and marginalization, is
Accusations the government denies.

Most of the cases of Corona virus were in Saudi Arabia
Registered at the beginning of the spread of the disease in the Kingdom, most of which come from Iran via Gulf countries
Others, but cases have been reported in other regions.

And at the beginning of this week, Saudi Arabia announced,
17 new cases of corona were recorded, bringing the number to 103, according to a ministry statement
Saudi Health 4 cases were recorded in Al-Qatif (eastern) governorate and one in Jeddah
(West) and 12 in Riyadh (Central).

Despite the strictness of the actions taken
Saudi Arabia in the face of Corona such as the closure of the campus, the suspension of Umrah visa, the decision
With the closure of Al-Qatif Governorate, it was criticized and considered by some to be politicized and punished
To maintain its revolt against the authority, especially since the number of cases is not great in the Kingdom, according to
Arabic Post website.

Remarkably, when the government announced the closure
Qatif The number of cases in the governorate was about 11 cases, representing an overwhelming majority of cases
In the Kingdom, but as the number of cases in the country continues to rise to more than 100,
It is not clear whether the majority of cases are still in Qatif, and is there a justification for isolating this province?
Specifically without the rest of the regions, and is the Kingdom afraid that there will be cases that are not visible in light of
Many Shiites from the province visit Iran without a visa, and therefore from
Hard to spot.

And on the waterfront in Qatif Governorate
Which stretches from Saihat in the south to the city of Qatif, all markets and workers are in a state
From the confusion, in addition to the markets which were heavily crowded to the vegetable market
In Qatif he was not spared from this case.

Khaled Al-Nimr from the city of Al-Qatif shows his displeasure
From the last decision, considering in his private interview to “Arab Post”, that the decision to close is not
Right. ”

The citizen Fatima Al-Seif said that the authorities
Saudi Arabia did not implement the international standards imposed in imposing a quarantine on Qatif, it did not
Gags and sterilizers are distributed to residents of the governorate, and roads have not even been sterilized
Public places, and secure medical protests for those with chronic diseases.

In the same context, one of the citizens of the governorate
Al-Qatif, who declined to be named, claims that the Saudi government is imposing quarantine on
Qatif, however, that its procedures do not meet any of the international quarantine standards applied in
The rest of the countries where the Coronavirus has spread.

He asked, “Is it possible that the one who takes over the application of the stone?
The health forces in the cities of Qatif are security and military teams, and above all, they enforce the laws of military regions
Closed .. No medical teams, first aid, no street sterilization, no masks. What is going on is not
It has to do with quarantine, and the first point of the line.

The Saudi Cabinet confirmed that the procedures
Taken in the Qatif governorate temporarily, it is part of the precautionary measures to prevent transmission
Infection, and enabling competent health authorities to provide the best medical care to citizens
And their residents.

In the context, he sees one of the sons of the province
He refused to mention his name: “The politicization of the Corona virus has become apparent at the Saudi level,
At the same time, he asked, “Why has the Saudi Foreign Ministry issued a statement calling on it?
Citizens return home immediately from several countries, and they have not applied this decision to
America has more than 100 injured people, and no European country has similar or higher numbers
Much except Italy. ”

Saudi Shiite circles doubt that this is happening
It is not a preventive quarantine against the Corona virus, but rather a military blockade under pretexts
Corona control without providing any medical, ambulance or distribution teams
Health supplies, or emergency preparations for many citizens
Governorate, where the presence was limited to armored vehicles and military forces.

Fatima Al-Seef confirmed that the last measure
It causes a lot of crisis for many families with health problems, indicating that
Many have been denied the right to treatment in Khobar and Dammam hospitals, which offer treatments for many
Diseases such as cancer, diabetes and heart disease.

One of the citizens, who declined to be named, believes that
Health conditions are increasing dangerous due to the presence of dozens of people with chronic diseases in Qatif
As a result of the lack of specialized hospitals to treat many diseases, including kidney failure,
Cancer, diabetes, and others that are available for treatment outside of Qatif.

He said that the last blockade imposed on
The governorate, called “quarantine,” prevents these patients from reaching these hospitals
That provide them treatment outside the Qatif Governorate.

Fatima Al-Seef said that the markets were close to me
Closure due to the depletion of many goods and foodstuffs in it, after it came out
Citizens in thousands at once to buy food and supplies after increasing
Fears of prolonging the blockade and quarantine.

According to eyewitnesses, the decision to close the governorate caused
Qatif from the Saudi authorities to create a severe crowd on the markets, shops and groceries
Due to the fear of running out of food supplies, as markets were crowded with buyers in fear
From the continuation of this stone for a long time because the Saudi authorities did not specify the duration of the closure
Preservation and whether it will be longer or not.

In the same context, the activist and lawyer stressed
Saudi human rights lawyer Taha Al-Hajji told Araby Post that the decision to close Qatif and impose a blockade and blockade
Military personnel from all ports entering and leaving Qatif are unjustified.
He asked, “Why was this measure applied to Qatif and its surrounding cities and villages?
And neighborhoods in particular and not applied to other cities more crowded. ”

Al-Hajji felt that the government did not provide
Adequate measures to confront the Corona virus and prevent its spread, but took the decision to close without
Carrying out other accompanying measures, indicating that there are cases requiring care
And treatment in hospitals outside the Qatif Governorate, and there are chronic cases that require going
Hospitals in Khobar, Dammam and Dhahran, indicating that Qatif Central Hospital is not eligible
He is completely incapable of having medical competencies to receive some medical conditions that are required and required
Specialized hospitals, which Qatif Governorate mainly lacks.

In a context, a high-ranking official source replied in
Saudi Arabia, to the press report by saying: The decision is precautionary and not first class
It has to do with politics, referring to continuous attempts to distort Saudi Arabia and its role in the world
Arab and Islamic and try to fish in murky water at every event, they tried to distort the image
Saudi Arabia and the Nile after closing the Tawaf dish for sterilization purposes, as well as after preventing Umrah
Temporarily, blocking visits to some countries and closing land points, he said.

According to the source, who preferred not to reveal it, he does not
Reality of these allegations made and transmitted by some, considering that Iran was lenient
A lot of the Corona virus case did not take it seriously and did not do its duty towards
An inventory of infected cases, which increased the incidence of the disease in Iran, he said.

In the context, Saudi Arabia decided to suspend work in
All government departments, except health and security, for two weeks, and closed shopping centers
Cafes and restaurants. And announced its intention to pump 13 billion dollars to support the economy.

This coincided with an increase in the number of people infected with a virus
Corona in Saudi Arabia, about 15 cases, bringing the total injuries to 118 cases.


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