What happened to the Egyptian artist hit by “Corona”?


Last updated: Friday 2 Shaaban 1441 AH – March 27, 2020 KSA 07:00 – GMT 04:00
Posted on: Friday 2 Shaaban 1441 AH – March 27, 2020 KSA 05:46 – GMT 02:46 Source: Cairo – Ahmed Al-Reedy

After years of absence from the artistic scene, the Egyptian retired artist Rola Mahmoud appeared to announce a heartbreaking news, that she was infected with Corona virus while in the British capital, London.

She stressed that her health condition is from bad to worse, after she was infected with the emerging virus, despite taking all necessary precautions, to begin the journey to search for a place to be treated.

Al-Arabiya.net contacted the actress Noha Al-Amrousy, who has a friendship with the artist who retired from an early age, and confirmed that Noha Al-Amrousy had migrated to Britain years ago.

Rola Mahmoud

Despite her presence outside Egypt, she was keen to communicate with her periodically, before the communication between them was interrupted in recent months, and she was shocked when she learned that she was infected with the Corona virus.

Al-Amrousi explained that she contacted Rola, who is not working while she was in London, and learned from her that she had not found a place to treat the virus in the hospital, so she returned to her home again and performed self-isolation for herself.

She pointed out that Rola responded very briefly to her and asked her only to pray for her to improve her health conditions, but she was keen to follow up with her constantly.

Rola Mahmoud, who was born in the State of Kuwait and moved with her family to Alexandria, entered the field of art through the series “Awan Al Ward” in the year 2000, before appearing the following year with the late Mahmoud Abdulaziz in the movie “The Magician”, and with the director David El Sayed with the movie “Citizen” And informant and thief. ”

While her most prominent appearance was with the late Ahmed Zaki in the movie “His Excellency the Minister”, when she presented the role of his daughter, before she presented some other roles, most notably her participation in the movie “She is Chaos”.


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