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I remembered this great and wise verse, and all the words of God are great and wise (but the butter will go to hell, but what will benefit the people will stay in the land), when I find that the news of the dancers, the artists, and the sprint of the ball that has passed, the one who plays the sphere has passed, and the one who plays the ball has risen to the same, and the one who plays the sphere has risen. All eyes are now on scientists and doctors, the only hope of humanity to save them from this epidemic! As for the doctors, they are the hope of individuals to save their lives, and the scientists understand the hope of mankind in creating a vaccine and medicine.

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Doctors have been outraged in the past years, and the state has failed to protect them, and striking doctors at the reception has become a daily occurrence, although the vast majority of them live on subsistence in the literal sense of the word. Some people look for high-income doctors, and they forget that they are a slice of not more than one percent of the total doctors! When the danger intensified, they found only doctors who went to the disease and the sources of the epidemic to fight it. This is not a favor from doctors to society, it is their duty and we have all learned from the money of the poor and simple people, and we have gained our experiences from their treatment! But a society that does not respect its teachers and doctors is a society with a major imbalance.

In fact, in its last years, the society witnessed a coup in its social mobility, and marginal groups of dancers, actresses, and unskilled singers rose to the surface. They get just one million wages for a pop, and one out of a thousand of them doesn’t get serious careers, who toil on the ground and benefit people.

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The truth is that it is a transcontinental problem! It includes all societies, not just us. I used to be amazed at the Americans ’obsession with movie stars. Today I saw Julia Roberts (Notting Hill) in which she starred as a famous Hollywood star who accidentally fell in love with an ordinary Englishman. And I saw how his family received the famous artist, fascinated by fascination and hysteria, as if it were a miracle in the universe! I used to think this human weakness is specific to our society, as it is a disorder in all societies.

And for science I am a fan of the arts, and I consider great artists with high professions. I speak of course about the artists truly, I love them, respect them and appreciate them, but without all this hysteria and exaggeration, and I undoubtedly appreciate any real scientist in physics or chemistry more than a thousand times more famous than an artist in history. I sincerely believe that nineteenth century scholars are the true heroes of humanity. Let us redefine these great people, who lived on a subsistence and gave their lives for the sake of science and humanity. No frivolous artists who have no value and no weight, yet they watch us with their flashy faces on satellite TV.

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However, the time of the grandfather all this was hidden, and the ordeals reorganized the human values, so that the Almighty saying would be fulfilled (but the butter will go away with hell, but what will benefit the people will stay in the land) .. Truthful God is great.

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