What a horror a crime in Saudi Arabia


(1)From where he does not feel … who celebrates and celebrates all “accidents” and crimes in Saudi Arabia, I say from where he does not feel puts us in a high “angelic” position .. and we – in our turn – thank him for this


No one can believe that it is impossible – in any way – that more than 21 million Saudis, and more than 13 million non-Saudis, come in the clothes of angels, or even in the robe of Satan.


In 2018, cases of self-assault amounted to about 72 thousand cases, while accidental incidents came to 22 thousand cases. As for display cases, they amounted to about 17 thousand cases.

These “crimes” happen in a spot inhabited by more than 34 million people, over 36% of whom are between 15 and 34 years old.

In a country surrounded by turbulent countries, a country that receives millions of people who are greedy in the mercy of Dhul Jalal, or “riyal”.


The “law” came to reduce crime, and no one promised to eliminate it, this is not possible! In the presence of the “human” .. this being, the ignorant, the rebel.


Logically and rationally: armed robbery, killing and harassment happen in all societies! The law chases it, and punishes it, to limit its “spread”.


Saudi society – sympathy for the numbers – a society of security and safety, investment, production, stability, and most importantly: it develops and is renewed, and this is the reason for the ferocity of the campaign against it.

However, we are moving towards glory and perdition.


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