We do not play for the title


Getting ready Manchester City To face his opponent and his neighbor Manchester United, Next Sunday, on the grass pitch «Old Trafford»In the framework of the 29th round of the championship English Premier League.

The Spanish complied Pep GuardiolaManchester City coach, just before the media at the Manchester Derby press conference, made several statements regarding the status of his team and the evolution of the opponent’s level.

He said in his comments: “Manchester United is improving and may live its best moment of the season. In the last game, they were incredibly fierce. They played a big game at Goodison Park.”

He continued: «It is always difficult to win against the big clubs, even if this does not mean that it will happen on Sunday, I like these games, they are always special, the situation is a bit different this season because we do not play to win the title, but for them the match is important Because it will affect their qualification for the Champions League, we have to improve on what we did at Sheffield. ”

He added: “It was a good month for us, in which we performed well. Our level of play was also beautiful before the victory in the Champions League match against Real Madrid, but there are still two months and there are still many matches to play.”

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On the condition of his superstar, De Bruyne, he added: “He is improving. He will participate in training tomorrow, and although he has not fully recovered, he feels better.”Regarding the spread of the Corona virus, he said: “We will try to live our lives normally and the doctors will tell us what to do.”

As for the possibility of Fudin’s participation in the United match, he declared: “If he is ready, he will play.”

Regarding the possibility of Leroy Sani’s participation, he ended his remarks by saying: No, he is developing rapidly, but he has not reached the top of his recovery and his readiness, and he must fully recover in order to return to participate, perhaps it would be good to participate in another match with the U-23 team.


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