“We are people who work against us”


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The artist, Ehab Tawfik, conducted a meeting with the program “The Insider in Arabic”, during which he advised the public to stay away from gatherings to limit the spread of the Corona virus and the necessity of commitment to staying at home.

Ihab Tawfiq pointed out that it was the working conditions that compelled him to disembark in order to record the song he recently released in the name of “my father and my mother” on the occasion of Mother’s Day .. He said: “We are coming down today to work, meaning we are raped, that we are 3 or 4 present in the studio. At a time when we are in a critical time, this is a very big gathering. ”

He continued: “I hope that all people know that there is really a problem that can occur from many gatherings, and possible contagion spreads greatly, which we hope will happen to any of us.”

On the father’s and mother’s song, Ihab Tawfiq said that her idea came after his father’s death last January after a fire broke out at his home in Nasr City and he died as a result of suffocation.

He added: “My father and my mother, may God have mercy on them, were among the closest and dearest to me, praise be to God, until the last day of their lives. They are my relationship.

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