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Wednesday 25 March 2020 – 10:35 PM
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Wednesday 25 March 2020 – 10:35 PM

When I first saw the masterpiece of famous director Stephen Soderberg “Contagion”, for the first time in 2011, I wondered: Why does America always strive to intimidate the world through its cinematic screen? Intimidating the masses of people and filling their hearts with terror from an unknown person is coming as a deadly and deadly virus that does not have features, a virus with which doctors are confused, but he receives from them, a virus that travels in the air and by touching with insane speed, which causes the world to panic.
Today it seems that the distance between imagination and reality has diminished considerably not only in the matter of predicting a horrific and deadly virus like “Coved 19”, but in other matters its features appeared early in biological warfare, climate change, and others.
The Hollywood screen is launched in terms of the mental image of what epidemics have caused over time, such as the “black death” epidemic that has claimed millions of people, so the Hollywood screen adopts from time to time such ideas that have a separate budget and spend it lavishly and starred by big stars for That the picture be more realistic and suggest the risks of sudden death more honest, to the extent that it infiltrates you as a viewer and recipient of the same feeling, and she asks: Can cinema be a tool to convey a warning message? To other countries that everything and anything can be eliminated by the spread of a deadly virus in a moment, and when treatment is reached for it, the cases of infection will exceed hundreds of millions of people, or whether the makers of this type of technically elaborate work predicts that the collapse of many societies It will only come with a supernatural virus.
The events of the American movie “The Infection” exploded the bomb, whose fragments were scattered in many parts of the world, from Shanghai to Pakistan and Egypt, to American states.
The movie that director Soderberg dreamed of with author Scott Z Burns started from the first shot without provoking terror and through a fast and breathless rhythm and a shocking picture of the victims, they fall one by one, followed by a conflict of another kind between America and the rest of the world in which cases of HIV infection appeared The killer antenna, while American doctors reach a treatment, some painful facts emerge about the preference of those who get treatment first from the American citizen to the major countries and we notice the struggle of the third world countries that effective treatment will definitely not reach until after the ruin of Malta, where we find a group of ordinary people They try to b Meet alive in shattered cities.
The story of “infection” begins at the Hong Kong International Airport, where Beth Emhoff (Gwyneth Paltrow) stands in the snack bar waiting for the plane to take off to return to her family in Chicago, and at a meeting and party inside the hall crowded with people who become infected with the virus without feeling, and believes that she is suffering from disorders The long flight, and thinks it is a cold, and after two days she dies in the hospital and her husband stands in a moving scene (Matt Damon) shocked by the lack of a medical explanation for the cause of death.
Within hours, the situation recurs in many countries Paris, London, Hong Kong, America, Egypt, and the same symptoms appear on thousands of people coughing, fever, and a cold, which turn into a brain haemorrhage and a quick death.
Most of the CDC research centers in America begin their work on the virus and under the leadership of Dr. Scheffer (Lawrence Fishburne) and with him a young doctor, Arien (Kate Winslet) in an attempt to find a quick way to find out the origin of the epidemic that is spreading rapidly by touch, breathing and shaking hands, and here we remember when I send the director In the scenario to Matt Damon, he told him in a message (Read the script and then wash your hands well), and maybe I could say: “Watch this movie and then wash your eyes well.”
We return to the film’s fast-running scenes. There are those who claim to invent it and publish it on Facebook, and another attacking the inability of government and state doctors to stop the bleeding of death, and that they only see themselves to the point that the confrontations between governments and Facebook youth have become very shocking and strong, and if the film suggested that each party He tries to play on people’s feelings for his own benefit.
Returning to the movie, we find all the scenes filled with human beings running away, homes being demolished, and a struggle to obtain a dose of medicine and an American doctor who sacrifices his dose for the sake of his neighbor’s son … Puzzled by Thomas Aime – Matt Damon – husband of the first lady who died, from transmitting the disease to his son, then His son is injured and he also dies, leaving him with only his daughter who takes care of him .. And when he enters the hospital a suspect is infected, telling him that he has immunity .. This is the only glimmer of hope .. Being a creature that has immunity to deadly viruses, so that only immunity can you avoid Leave with a deadly virus. But the film left in the minds of the audience the question: Can this happen, but when?!, And he did not know that the wheels of time pass and sympathize with that painful idea to actually happen in 2020.
Yes, the reality of the image, its attractiveness, the greatness of the event, the intelligence of the terrifying dialogue, whose sentences are not known for some mercy in following the developments of the bacterial infection and the impressive performance of Marion Courtilar, Damon, Kate Winslet, Gwyneth Paltrow and Fishburne all factors that actually scared the audience and made him believe the crisis as a fact and not a fantasy, because the filmmakers invested in the touching story To the fullest, especially the director Soderberg, who feels like a world without a deadly virus.


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