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Now we present to you the series The Miracle Doctor Episode 25 translated into Arabic on the website of a full love story in high quality where we will provide the series The Miracle Doctor episode 25 translated where the drama fans search for the series The Miracle Doctor Episode 25 and the series followers await the date of the presentation of the twenty-fifth episode of The Miracle Doctor series where the series comes out The most watched of the series, while touching a social story that can happen in public life, and also touches the category of autistic patients, while the series last episode addressed the issue of the dangerous Corona virus, which threatens the countries of the world.

It is mentioned that Al-Nahda News website provides all the episodes of the Miracle Doctor series until the end of the first season. Also, the series The Miracle Doctor, which reached episode 25, is adapted from an American series called the good doctor. The story of the Miracle Doctor series revolves around a young boy born with autism, and because of his brother’s death Likewise, the rabbit he loved decided to become a doctor to help others, but his autism caused him several problems in communicating with others, and despite that, he possessed an unusual skill in remembering and diagnosing diseases, which earned him great fame among doctors and even patients became confident in him.

The story and events of the series The Miracle Doctor who arrived in Episode 25 talk that Dr. Ali Wafa learns every day one of the communication skills and diagnoses many cases that the best doctors cannot diagnose, and he was appointed in one of the largest hospitals in Istanbul as an assistant doctor.

And the series The Miracle Doctor, which reached episode 25 in and outside Turkey, won a high viewership, as the series is shown on the Turkish fox, which follows the American fox network located in the United States.

The top “Miracle Doctor” series always tops every Thursday, as it came first in the list of top watched series according to the Turkish gecce website, and the Doctor Miracle series is also broadcast via the Turkish FOX TV channel, which transmits the Doctor Miracle series.

The frequency of the FOX TV channel, the series of the Miracle Doctor series, episode 25

The Doctor’s Series displays the miracle on Turkish FOX TV screens, through the following frequencies and satellites:

polarizationCodingFrequencythe moon
Horizontal H300010887TurkSat 42E

The date of the series The Miracle Doctor episode 25 via Fox Channel

  • The Miracle Doctor series is broadcast every Thursday every week at eight o’clock in Turkish time, now the Miracle Doctor series episode 25 translated into Arabic on the full love story site in high quality (())

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