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Watch the inheritance series episode 6 on MBC 1, where mbc 1 announced today, Sunday, the broadcast of episode 6 of the Saudi series of inheritance “Sup opera” and it is indicated that it is the first long Saudi drama that has had a lot of interaction by Twitter activists The announcement of the date of its broadcast and its presentation today through the mbc 1 channel screen, as Gulf drama fans prepare to follow the wonderful series of inheritance and its heroes.

The story of the series “Legacy” Supra Saudi opera

The events of the Saudi series of inheritance episode 6 revolve around a romantic drama story, but it suffers from a set of conflicts between the heroes of the Saudi series, in addition to the emergence of a will that turns events on the path of her father and the events of inheritance are intertwined in the first episode of his broadcast, while the viewer is eager to know the developments of the inheritance story The Saudi.

The date of displaying the inheritance series

The wonderful Saudi inheritance series “Supra” is broadcast on mbc 1 channel, at exactly seven o’clock in the evening Saudi time, where many fans of Gulf drama have knowledge of the heroes of the Saudi inheritance series, which was announced by MBC, and is referred to as a long drama series.

Wonderful inheritance episode 6

The episodes of the wonderful inheritance series is a Saudi romantic series, the number of episodes is 250 consecutive episodes, and the date of displaying the series of inheritance will be at seven in the evening, Saudi Arabia, via MBC1.

The frequency of the mbc 1 channel, the frequency of the MBC 1, the carrier of the inheritance series, episode 6

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Nile sat1193827500 horizontal

The heroes of the Saudi inheritance series

It is noteworthy that the inheritance series that is broadcast on the MBC channel consists of a group of heroes of the inheritance and they are Hind Mohamed, Shorouk and the reigns of Al-Samer, directed by Christine Milik and Indra Bose, and the Saudi inheritance director will be the Egyptian director Tamer Bassiouni and the Emirati Abdullah Al-Junaibi. The Saudi figurative inheritance has been done in a new studio built specifically to photograph work events in which 14 Saudi writers participated.

The inheritance series mbc 1

It is noteworthy that the Saudi drama has appeared again to overlook us with the wonderful series of the Saudi inheritance Supra opera through 1 mbc channel, in which it found several interlocking issues, where he deals in his story with several issues such as inheritance and is considered the main and thorny issue, in addition to stories of marriage, divorce, childbearing, In addition to a set of issues concerning Arab women in general, and the Saudi series, the inheritance, highlights several issues.

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