Watch the envelope of Miriam Fares’s son singing to her while he embraces him – with video


The Lebanese actress participatedMyriam FaresFollowers on a video clip showing her son Jayden singing to her in French a song for Mother’s Day as she sits opposite him and described it as the most beautiful gift she received in her life, while she embraced and kissed him at the end of the video, and presented her with a paper written on it “Mama”.
Myriam previously published a funny video of her and her son Jayden, who flirted with her and played with her while the voices of his laughter rose, and commented on the video she published saying, “Normal, forgive me, stay home.”
Myriam Fares had celebrated the birthday of her son Jayden IV, amid a great ovation on the social media, and Miriam published pictures from his birthday and commented: “Wishing you everything sweet in the world, my beloved, my heart, pray 4 years. I do not see joy and hope except from your eyes, you are my world My life and my joy, my wish, O Mama, “as I had previously revealed in a funny video about the reaction of her son Jayden, when she tried to make a” mask and mask “for her skin.


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