Watch … sharp attack on a famous artist due to Surat Al-Nisaa


The Egyptian artist Mirhan Hussein entered into a heated argument with her followers through her official account on the Instagram photo and video site, after she published a photo of her in her celebration of International Women’s Day, citing Surat Al-Nisaa.

Hussein wrote in her comment on the picture, saying: “Kifaya is in a surah from the Noble Qur’an called Surat al-Nisaa .. Every year and all women are a thousand good.

Mirhan Hussein was surprised by the attack of a number of her followers, because she spoke about Surat Al-Nisaa .. One of the comments came from a follower, saying, “How old are you? Do you keep the Koran, love?” .. to respond, saying: You are the owner.

In another comment, attacking her: “The Prophet deceives people. You hate you and do not get frustrated in whatever need. Be your representation.” To respond to it, Mirhan: “I say that I want and you are here on my page.

Another follower said: “Oh, and I came to know about it, there is a need.” .. To answer Mirhan Hussain, saying: “On the basis that you are our Lord, you ask me.”


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