Watch “Saudi Hind Al-Qahtani,” an obsession with sex and homosexuality, “sparks controversy with a new video with her son


Popular Saudi communication sites are back
Resident in America, stirring controversy again, through her videos posted on
Her account is with “Snapchat”, which has a sexual character and mostly sexy hints.

This time it was different as it appeared
“Al-Qahtani” with her son, called Moaz, where
She asked her followers to follow his Snapchat account to become a celebrity.

The video shows Muadh with his mother while he is going
For the grocery store, where he revealed his sister’s message, insights on his mobile for the requests she wanted.

Al-Qahtani documented another video of her son knowing
Himself to his followers, and his sister had visions next to him and kept bothering him from time to time so as not to
He can shoot, and at the end of the video, Al-Qahtani showed how the follow-up was done
Her son Muath on Snapchat.

And Hind Al-Qahtani has been subjected to a wide attack
After broadcasting a video announcing her homosexual tendencies and support for homosexuality.

She is in solidarity with the LGBT universe
Sexual orientation is a personal freedom that does not accept interference from others, indicating that they are neither peaceful nor
Insulting anyone.

This video blew the anger of the Saudis who
Most of them declared their disavowal, and demanded that the state revoke its citizenship in order not to offend it
For the kingdom.

And Saudi Arabia has already caused Hind
Al-Qahtani ”in sparking a big wave of sharp criticism from the Saudis after they emerged
In a live video broadcast on (Snapchat), she announces her breakfast in Ramadan, as well as clips
The exciting dance that she always broadcasts on her account.


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