Watch … Qatar Orchestra practice a symphony of houses


The orchestra reminded everyone of the necessity of unnecessary homes during this period in which the Corona epidemic is spreading, expressing its lack of audience that it continued to meet at the Opera House in its cultural district of Katara.

On March 11, the orchestra announced the cancellation of all its concerts, which were scheduled until the end of the month.

As for the symphony that the musicians appeared practicing in their homes, it is expected to be presented on Saturday, June 13.

Devorgac’s ninth symphony is called “From the New World”, which he composed in the early 1893s.

The symphony title and context of its composition refer directly to American music, in which the influences of black America prevailed, then coinciding with the birth of Ragtime.

Dvorjac moved between 1888 and 1895 to America to run a music institute founded there, to support and promote American music and its composition and performance.

Behind this choice was Dvorjak’s long history of encouraging the introduction of folk music into classical music, and in incorporating templates and melodies for popular American music into his own compositions.

Dvorjak expressed his interest in the local American music and African-American religious music upon his arrival in America by saying: “I am convinced that the future music of this country should be based on the so-called black music, as these melodies can form the basis of a serious and unique music school for the United States.” These beautiful and varied melodies are the product of that land and the authors must turn towards it. “


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