Watch … Kroos reveals the secret of the “hoax” he made in Saudi Arabia


Watch ... Kroos reveals a secret


                    GIUSEPPE CACACE

The official account of the Real Madrid team on Twitter posted a video of its German midfielder Toni Kroos, as he trained to shoot the ball from a corner kick in a spiral way into the goal directly.

The official account of the royal team commented on Magic Cross’s touches, with the phrase: “Does he not remind you of this goal in the Spanish Super Cup?”

Toni Kroos scored Real Madrid’s first goal from a direct corner kick against Valencia team (3-1), in the match they gathered on January 8, at King Abdullah Stadium, “Radiant Jewel” in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, as part of the Cup semi-final. Spanish Super Soccer.

Cross surprised the Valencia goalkeeper, Dominique Jaume, with a “bluffing” ball that he hit from a corner kick on his mind and all the players.

Real Madrid was crowned the Spanish Super Cup champion, at the expense of its neighbor and arch-enemy “Atletico”, after defeating him by a penalty shootout (4-1), in the “Derby” that brought them together at King Abdullah Stadium, “The Radiant Jewel” as well.

Source: RT


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