Waheed Mamdouh is the ambassador of the oldest guitars makers in the Middle East


Waheed Mamdouh is the ambassador of the oldest guitars makers in the Middle East

The guitarist, Waheed Mamdouh, has returned from his journey among many Arab countries, which ended in Dubai, where he assumed his duties as ambassador of the Middle East region to the oldest guitars in the world and they are “Alhambra” in Spain, famous for its handcrafting.

He also received his guitar as well, to join a long list of professional instrumentalists from all over the world, and to be the only Arab among them.

Waheed said: “I found communication from Alhambra who have a long history and experience of up to 50 years in the manufacture of the best types of guitars, whether classic or flamenco and finally the steel string in the whole world, and they are made with new technologies to be closer to modern, equipped with microphones of the latest types and designed Specifically for professionals. ”

He added: “I found a contact from them and I was informed that I was chosen to be their ambassador in the Middle East region, and they announced that the reason for my choice is that I have my own style of Arabic music and mix it with Indian and Turkish, and they handed me a guitar of the type Alhambra 9P CW E8, and I was surprised by my presence Among more than 18 musicians from France, Sweden, America, Colombia, Mexico, Spain, England, Cuba, India and Brazil. ”

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Waheed Mamdouh

On the other hand, a single request from his followers on “Facebook”, to stay at their homes in order to preserve their health and life from the virus “COVID-19”, and he wore the mask on his face and put the image on his profile.


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