Violent attack from the Ministry of Health on “Aid” Hospital!


The Ministry of Health issued the following statement: “The Ministry of Public Health has chosen not to engage in polemics in a case that concerns the health of the Lebanese, at a time when all its efforts are devoted to confronting the Corona epidemic. However, some people continue to intimidate and abuse the ministry and the confusion that was raised to cover the failure to engage With this case in Al-Ma’un Hospital, it is necessary to clarify the following:

First: It is true that the Ministry of Public Health, when requested to analyze the samples, initially refused, in line with the directives of the World Health Organization, which provided the ministry with laboratory analysis materials and requested that the limited use of the limited quantity be limited to suspected cases, i.e. coming from a affected area and Egypt is not among them. However, based on clinical data, the Ministry agreed to analyze the samples the following day.

Second: We ask whoever considers himself a leading university hospital, why did he not provide with his own capabilities the means of laboratory analysis like other university institutions? Is not this one of his duties? Here we point out that in the same period a case was suspected in another university hospital where she was professionally isolated and the analysis was done in her private laboratory. When the result appeared positive, she was referred to Al Hariri Hospital before her condition deteriorated without any controversy.

Third: It is known that there is no special treatment for corona, but that the care is related to treatment of frequencies and subscriptions, and this treatment is the same, whether the cause is corona, influenza or otherwise. Thus, the lack of immediate confirmation of coronary infection does not justify unprofessional use, neglect and the commission of mistakes that led to the tragic deterioration of the patient’s condition.

Fourth: Since the patient was connected to the respiratory system in an isolated room in this university hospital and he boasts of having advanced capabilities and competent doctors, he was supposed to follow this patient’s treatment and not the practice of media and political intimidation to get rid of him and endanger his life and the life of the Red Cross medics at risk by transferring it to Beirut. Note that when the patient arrived at the Hariri Hospital emergency, he was in a state of suffocation with a slowing of the heart (pulse 40), oxygen saturation (50%), and the absence of a breathing tube in its correct location. He also did not send the patient file as required by the rules, but was replaced by a brief and unprofessional report.

The time has come for such prestigious private hospitals that have benefited over years of funding from the Ministry of Health and official guarantors to assume their full responsibilities in difficult days the country is going through, as it faces a global epidemic that will sooner or later overcome the capacity of Hariri Governmental University Hospital.

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