Video Zina apologizes to her fans: “It is not the fault of the one who makes a mistake … There is no mistake


4:00 AM

Thursday 19 March 2020

Books- Diaa Mostafa:

The artist Zina apologized to her fans for a video she posted on the new corona virus, “Covid 19”, in which she seemed to be careless.

Zeina said: “It is not the fault of the one who makes a mistake and apologizes, I apologize for the video of the corona, I was frightened and terrified, but my companions were warning me that I convey my fear to people, but I am cowardly and fearfully for myself, because I have children and parents, may God protect everyone, I did not underestimate I’m misbehaving. “

She added: “Everyone can sit at home, there is no sweeter than sitting, we are forced to work, and, God willing, we can count on this crisis in the whole world.”

She continued: “Adhere to the seat in the house, if I could sit in the house, I would have sat with a sense while I was returning home. I am an epidemic. I do not want to fear the house, I am not secure, the person is nervous, and please, I sit in the house if you can.”

Zina continues to film her scenes in the series “Collecting Salem”, and co-starring Dalal Abdulaziz, Muhammad Shaheen, Salwa Khattab and Reem Al-Baroudi, King of Qura and Medo Adel, written by Muhammad Nair and directed by Iman Al-Haddad.


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