Video .. The fact of the emergence of a volcano in Saudi Arabia


The Saudi authorities denied the existence of a volcano in the western Khyber governorate, near the city of Medina, and made it clear that what some believed to be a volcano was nothing but a flame to animal waste.

The denial came after widespread video clips in the Kingdom and abroad, showing burning, smoke and fumes rising from the land of “Umm Jarasan Cave”, while the video photographer claimed that they were gas fumes issued by “dangerous volcano.”

And the Civil Defense of Al-Madinah Al-Munawwarah issued a statement indicating that a fire brigade was directing to Umm Jarsan Cave, the site of the rising smoke, to put out the burning fires.

According to the media spokesperson for the Civil Defense, “The fire is an ignition and the escalation of fumes from animal waste buried under the ground, which was ignited by an external source, as similar incidents had previously taken place at different times in the same location.”

According to the media spokesman, a joint committee from the Civil Defense and the Geological Survey Authority was previously formed to study a similar incident, and it was proven that the matter happened because of animal waste.


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