Video .. Sony PS5 details in less than 10 minutes


Video .. Sony PS5 details in less than 10 minutes

Thursday, 19 March 2020 01:57

I wrote – Mennat Allah Jamal:

Revealed Sony Wed about a lot of information and specifications about PlayStation 5 Next, everything from fast SSD, details of clock speed for CPU, GPU and 3D sound plans are now revealed.

PS5 .. Sony unveils PlayStation 5 in a live broadcast today

If you listened to the live broadcast for an hour, then you probably heard everything, but if you would prefer to know the details without any filling or just a quick restart, he posted a site

Technical Engadget 10-minute video reveals every detail of PS5.

The video also indicates a group of known PS5 specifications compared to Xbox Series XIt also provides only the parts you need from the Sony presentation.

It is the fastest way to know how your next box will look like Sony The future of games.


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