Video: rescue of a sick patient whose condition has deteriorated on board a ship – localities – accidents and cases


Today, the National Center for Search and Rescue carried out a rescue and medical evacuation mission for an Emirati patient, as his health deteriorated on a cargo ship on the coast of Abu Dhabi.

The operations room of the National Center for Search and Rescue had received at 11:46 minutes in the morning reporting the presence of an Emirati patient in the second decade of his life, following the deterioration of his health, and he was transferred to Sheikh Shakhbout Medical City in Abu Dhabi by plane belonging to the National Center for Search and Rescue.

The site was checked by the auxiliary operational systems by the operations room team of the National Center for Search and Rescue, and the accident site was identified and a take-off order was given to the search and rescue plane to carry out the rescue and medical evacuation operation.

The center pointed out that with the capabilities and capabilities of the search and rescue plane, the team was able to evacuate the patient to Sheikh Shakhbout Medical City.




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