Video .. Rami Ayash endangers the life of his daughter


Lebanese artist Ramy Ayash caught the eye with a new video, which he posted on his account on the Instagram photo and video application, and appeared in it with his daughter.

The latter appeared to be sitting on his knees and eating pasta, as she shared her food. The video attracted the attention of many followers, as it achieved more than 375,000 views.

While a large number of the star’s fans praised his fun and spontaneity, he was criticized by some of the followers of the accounts that regained the passage on the application, reminding him that this act is wrong and that he should pay careful attention because we live in what he called “the time of Corona”.

It is noteworthy that the artist posted on the same account another video of the child as she pronounced her first words as she said: “Mama Habibi Baba”, and the activists interacted with her greatly.


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