Video Nadia Al Jundi refuses to ridicule her old age, who has a shape that shows Yeban is younger than madam


The Egyptian star launched Nadia El-Gendy An attack on social media pioneers attacking old art stars, criticizing their backs for youthful looks, and said that the artist’s age is not a forehead and challenged her critics to retain their physical fitness and appearance when they reach the same age.

Nadia El-Gendy
Nadia El-Gendy and Jessica Lazar are behind the scenes of Sunday Menky

Nadia published a video clip of her interview with Jessica Azar on the Sunday Mendi program on Channel MTV On the phenomenon of bullying with old stars of art through her Twitter account, she commented on it saying: Indeed, it remained a strange phenomenon, the artist Malush Omar, from the age of two years, kept insulting him in the forehead of man.

She added: From the nation of the age, the defect remains, I criticize my work and not my age, it is the age by human hands, this age is life objected to, instead of what you criticize, let your age be in you and you have physical fitness and shape, the boy who appears to be younger than his age.

She made it clear inside the clip that she maintains her fitness, grace, and looks to respect her fans and because she is a role model by virtue of her status as one of the art stars. She said that the phenomenon of bullying with old stars is new and did not happen in the past.

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