Video Dina El-Sherbiny participates in the “Challenge of Good” initiative: “Be careful about yourself.”


Dina El Sherbiny announced her acceptance to participate in the “challenge of goodness”, which a number of artists have been fighting during the past few hours in an attempt to alleviate the burdens on the affected families after the spread of the Corona virus that is currently sweeping the world.

And Al-Sherbiny published a video of him on her official account on “Instagram”, during which she said: “I have accepted the challenge and are happy to participate in that initiative, and I hope that these days will be good for me … 100 families … Take care of yourself. ”

It is noteworthy that a number of art and sports stars have announced their acceptance of the challenge of goodness, to sponsor a number of families affected by the Corona virus and torrents under the name of “goodness challenge”, and the challenge received a great interaction from the stars and celebrities of society.


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