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The journalist Maggie Farah has sparked a great controversy among internet pioneers after a video of extracts from her astronomical forecasts was published at the end of 2019 on the events of 2020.

Post an account DW Arabic on Twitter What came in the words of Maggie Farah in December 2019, the most prominent of which are:

“This year is fateful, and it will print the entire era and the next 25 years. The big event of this year may not happen twice and we are alive.”

What is remarkable in the video is the mention of the dates that accompanied the period of the spread of the Corona pandemic, Maggie Farah said, “The period between February 17 and March 31 is the stage for important decisions taken and many opportunities are available, in order to implement some of its goals if there are goals set. In this year heads fall Great economic conditions are affected by what happens. “

“We can hear about bankruptcies, landslides and violent clashes, leaving the world looking for solutions, exposing some of the conspiracies and calling for transparency in everything,” added Maggie Farah.

Magi Farah believes that the frightening scenario will continue, saying: “Mars entering the Aries is a sign and the beginning of a very important and very difficult coup. The planet Mars remains for a month and a half in the constellation, but this year it will remain from July to the end of the year.”

Among her astronomical expectations, Maggie Farah noted, “There is perhaps a European economic crisis or an exceptional event in Russia, Pakistan and China, and a serious disease afflicting a senior official in a great country.”

Source: LBCI


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