Video – “Busti Maine Ya Salma” … Dalia Mustafa cries over her daughter’s whole night


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Publication date: Saturday, March 7, 2020 – 14:37

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        Actress Dalia Mostafa said that she discovered that her daughter, Salma, who is studying in the second year of middle school, had matured and became a young girl just a few days ago.<p>During her interview with the media, Mona El-Shazly, on the program “With You” on “cbc”, Mustafa added that she was surprised by her daughter a few days after Valentin offered her a conversation between her and her friends, in which she asked her very embarrassing questions, including where she went in Valentin.

Dalia Mustafa continued: “My daughter is an educator who has spent 6 years of my life with their Lord. I found her companions asking her my soul, where are you in Valentine?” And one of her companions went to her. I asked her, “Who are you, Salma?”

Dalia Mustafa explained that she felt embarrassed and helpless, and she started crying because she was surprised that the conversation on this application involved 8 people at the age of her daughter, boys and girls, and she called on her sister to help her out of this impasse, as she called her husband, the artist Sharif Salama, so she can consult him She tells him that their daughter has grown up today to ask her to talk to his sister, artist Manal Salama, to help her.

Dalia Mostafa confirmed that her 13-year-old daughter put her in a dilemma that she did not know how to behave with her and she hesitated between her punishment despite the fact that she innocently stated her innocently what she did or she accepts the matter calmly despite the violations.

Dalia Mustafa had recently participated in the series “Hawadet Champs Elysées”, which was written by Ayman Selim and Noha Saeed, directed by Mark Adel, and co-starring Iyad Nassar, Edward, Mai Selim, Ingy Al-Mokadam, Hajar Al Sharnoubi, Menna Jalal, Azzouz Adel, which is produced by Tamer Morsi, and supervised by General Hossam Shawky, in addition to the honorary guests, Aida Riad, Hamdi Al-Wazir, Farida Saif Al-Nasr, Arifa Abdel-Rasoul, Laila Ezz Al-Arab.

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