Video Amani Souissi Releases Clip of “Mother’s Voice”


Tunisian star Amani Souissi released today, Saturday, her latest song, “The Voice of the Mother”, through YouTube, and a number of Egyptian and Arabic radio stations, coinciding with the celebration of Mother’s Day.

In the song, Amani cooperates with the poet Ihab Abdel Azim, composer Samer Abu Talib, the music composer Mohamed Haroun, the clip directed by Mohamed Missaoui and produced by Lifestyle Studios.

It is noteworthy that Amani recently released two songs in the Egyptian dialect: “Myself”, the lyrics of Amr Salem, composed by Ibrahim Al-Dossari, the distribution of Hisham Al-Banna, the song “Your Love”, the words of Osama Mustafa, composed by Samer Abu Talib, and the distribution of Omar Ismail.

Amani is currently preparing for a number of songs in the Egyptian, Tunisian and Gulf dialects with a number of the most important poets, composers and distributors in Egypt and the Arab world, in preparation for their launch during the coming period.


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